Ohlinda Corner LI with 5 Backrests

Ohlinda Corner LI with 5 Backrests

Ohlinda sofa – The light-footed individualist.

If you would like to bring a bit of summer to your own four walls all year round, give yourself over to the loving care of OHLINDA. The casual, lightweight upholstered mattresses with their cushion-like backs form super-comfortable sofas, sectionals and day beds in various sizes. The individual modules can be coloured, extended and even rearranged as desired. Even the backs can be changed or removed, turning the corner sectional into a double day bed or a long sofa. Whether you want a small or a large seat module, individual or combined, short or long, with or without lumbar cushions – OHLINDA overcomes gravity and releases a sense of pure weightlessness.

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